Hopeless in a Jar

May 30, 2011 by

Let me just get this off my chest, I think Philosophy products are extremely overpriced and generally not worth the money. That being...

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Secret (Beauty) Agents

May 11, 2011 by

Ask any modern beauty and she’s bound to tell you that there have been times when she has had to improvise in her beauty...

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Lips that bite

Apr 26, 2011 by

Vampires and vampire paraphernalia can be found just about everywhere, its taking over the pop culture. The trend is ruling the box...

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Five for Friday – Lip Ba...

Apr 15, 2011 by

With the winter weather on it’s way out, chapped lips need to be on the way out too. The only problem? That’s much easier...

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The “B” Word

Mar 3, 2011 by

You’ve all heard it. Blackheads — the dark spots that pop up around the chin and nose caused by excess sebum and dead...

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