Bridal- My goal is to help every bride achieve healthy looking skin; giving her a natural, radiant glow, while enhancing her unique style and beauty with fantastic looking makeup! On her special day, I want her to look like herself, just a more polished version. On your wedding day, all of the work will be done on location, I will stay through pictures and will be prepared for any touch-ups that may ensue. 

Trials-This is where we first meet and get to know each other. We will discuss the ideas you have about your make-up look, and all of the options. From there we will create and design a makeup look for your wedding day or special occasion that enhances your beauty, photographs well and will last for hours of dancing. We discuss which colors work well with your skin tone, your skin care regimen, and if you need any waxing services prior to the big day. The makeup trial session is just as important as the big day, this is where we design an overall look. We will experiment with different options till we get it just right, this alleviates stress and guarantees that we have a basis to go off of on the actual day. Brides are always encouraged  you to bring photos of makeup styles that you find flattering. Also, this is a great time for me to see the overall theme of the wedding, to help inspire the right sort of make-up look. We will both fill out a face chart during this time also, to ensure that there is no confusion on the day of about the look, or the colors in general.

Special Occasions- Prom, bat mitzvahs, birthdays, bachelorette parties, photo shoots… whatever you can think of, we will come up with a stunning makeup look that’s perfect for you.

Lessons- This is where I teach you how to do the desired make-up look on your own. No matter what look you desire whether it be a smokey eye or a radiant complexion, I will show you the tools to use, the colors that are perfect for you, and provide application tips.  To do this, I will apply the make-up on one side of your face, and you will finish the other. We will continue practicing this way till you are confident in your abilities. I will provide face sheets documenting the make-up look, as well as step by step instructions.

Consulting- We begin by reviewing the makeup and tools you already have and discuss what your needs are for your lifestyle and the amount of time you want to spend on a daily regimen. We’ll decide whether your makeup bag needs a make-over or make-under. I will give some makeup tips using what you have and offer new product suggestions. During this process I will also help you shop for the right products based on your budget.

Character/Halloween- The goal with this is to help you emulate the character that you are becoming as best I can. Whether this involved prosthetics, body paint, or whatever else you can think of, my main goal is transforming you to whomever you are for the night.

*Prices available upon request

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