Skin Care for Bro’s

May 6, 2012 by

Skin Care for Bro’s

As the term “metrosexual” becomes less gay, more and more guys taking better care of themselves and their skin its no wonder that so many of the most popular beauty brands are making lines just for our male counterparts. Guys are starting to realize that putting on some moisturizer really isn’t such a bad thing. I can’t say that I blame them for walking into Sephora and immediately walking out. Skin care is intimidating, Anthony Logistics makes it easy.

Guys, its time to man up. Skin care isn’t just for women and pussies anymore. It’s for everyone. Brands like Anthony Logistics are taking all the stress out of shopping for skincare. They offer pre-made kits as well as all of the necessities the ladies in your life might want to borrow. 


What I like most about the products is that they are all very streamlined and to the point. Most men don’t want to spend a lot of money or time on their skin. That’s where the ready made kits like the “Face Kit” come in. For $35 you get a cleansing clay, glycolic cleanser, scrub, and a moisturizer. Everything you need to keep your skin glowing. Use the products daily or make a weekly regimen, either way your off to a great start.


For a more mature man looking to stop the signs of aging in their tracks there is the “Anti-Aging Starter Kit,” this kit contains Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin A Treatment, and Continuous Moisture Eye Cream. These three products grab aging by the balls. Vitamin C helps to reduce inflammation, improve the appearance of sun damage, and promote collagen production. Vitamin A helps to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.




Moving on to my favorite item from the brand, and the one that I most often like to borrow from Joe is the Glycerin  Cleansing Bar. This is the only bar soap that  I will use on my skin, not only for the delicious citrus smell but because of the benefits. The bar as you might have guessed is made with Glycerin a natural humectant that helps to maintain moisture in the skin, it can also make the other moisturizing products you use more effective. Another prominent ingredient is orange oil which is very calming when applied topically. Lastly there is Vitamin-E, it helps to reduce fine lines, improve the moisture barrier, and calm the skin. All of these ingredients make for an awesome cleanser appropriate for all skin types.



This isn’t all the brand has to offer, there is much much more from shaving essentials to sun protection. Do yourself a favor and check out the brand for yourself.


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