Sephora + Pantone = Love

Apr 29, 2012 by

Sephora + Pantone = Love

Everyone knows its more fun to be in a relationship than to be single. It seems that Pantone and Sephora have just come to that conclusion themselves. The two companies have joined together to form a partnership that unites the foremost color authority, Pantone, with the self proclaimed beauty authority, Sephora. This happy union has given us the new product line SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE. A breakthrough line featuring the Pantone color of the year Tangerine Tango. The line itself features everything you need to add a little Tangerine to your life, from nail polishes to dramatic lashes. For those that want to partake in the trend in a less bold way there are make-up bags and tangerine colored eyelash curlers. My favorite are the nail polishes, I never could pass on a bright new shade… or four. Sephora and Pantone have made it easy to be a trendsetter, how you wear the                                                                                      line is all up to you.

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