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May 17, 2011 by

Occasionally we hear about things that are too good to be true; lipstick that stays all day, eyeliner that truly doesn’t smear, and NYX holding a 12th anniversary sale.

This past Sunday, May 15th, NYX launched an amazing sale, pretty much everything on the site was $1.20, that’s a discount of up to 90%! Sounds amazing, right? I thought so too.

I had been waiting anxiously for the sale for a week or so. By the time that Sunday rolled around I was giddy with excitement. I waited for it to begin at 3 est, and was extremely let down when I couldn’t even access the site. Apparently A LOT of people were excited over the sale, we managed to completely shut it down. No one was getting through. I took to facebook in my great time of need commiserating with others having similar issues. After several hours of refreshing with no avail, I was beginning to get pretty pissed off.

Luckily NYX took to twitter to address the problem. They old us all to keep trying that we were eventually going to get through. Blah, blah, blah. Eventually they said that they were going to extend the sale. It was supposed to be a 12 hour sale, but no one was getting through. It ended up lasting for 24 hours. I spent a good 20 of them refreshing the page just trying to make a purchase. Eventually I was able to get some of what I wanted into my cart.

“Just wanted to notify all of you that we are still working on our site. We’re hoping to have everything running very soon!”

After I managed to load my cart I attempted to pay. I spent 8 hours trying to pay. All I wanted to do was give them my money. You’d think they wanted it, wouldn’t you? Apparently not. The credit card section of the payment process was completely disabled.

As 3 p.m. the next day rolled around I wondered what NYX was going to do, after all my cart was loaded with sale items. I (stupidly) assumed that they were going to honor the sale prices so I took a screen shot of my cart. On May 16th they said this.

“Our sale has spread faster than our gloves can reach! Thank you all and we are sorry to hear of those who have been unable to purchase as of yet. So for you all, we are offering a 50% off coupon code and free shipping throughout the week of May 16th through May 22nd. We will give you the code TOMORROW morning!”

As soon as I read this I wanted to punch the NYX PR team in their faces, collectively. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, 50% OFF?! We were supposed to be happy with that? Some people were happy with that, and are currently waiting patiently for their codes. I am not one of those people. I was offered a sale where I can purchase products for $1.20, not 50% off.

My cart total was, $37.20 with the original sale, with the 50% off coupon I would be paying $142.50. I’m not sure if its just me, but this seems to be a HUGE jump in price. How NYX decided that this is fair is beyond me.

I’ll be honest, I did (briefly) consider updating my order, picking cheaper items, and using the 50% off coupon. After considering that idea for approximately 15 seconds, I giggled at my stupidity, went to Sephora and placed an order. Besides, its the evening of May 17th now and coupons have yet to be sent out. Good thing we were supposed to be getting them yesterday. I figure I’ll get it on the 23rd, then NYX will apologize for me not being able to use it.

Apparently instead of working on getting their coupon to fans, they were writing this condescending speech.

“To Our Dear NYX Fans,

We would like to thank you for taking part in our 12 Year Anniversary 12 hour shopping event this past Sunday, May 15th! Our NYX team is overwhelmed with joy and thrilled with the massive response that this event has received. Many of you had the chance to shop and purchase your favorite items and we are well aware of the fans that were not able to participate in the event as they had hoped. Our site overflowed with beauty enthusiasts that generated a magnified volume that exceeded our expectations! Our servers were conquered by your beauty pursuit causing our site to collapse. Our team has been striving to perfect our website and server to reassure everyone that this will NOT occur again.

We are very grateful for your support and passion for NYX Cosmetics!

Thank You,


This brings me up to speed. Was this sale a scam? I believe it was, although NYX claims that hundreds of orders were able to go through. Was this an example of a “Bait and Switch” tactic? Again, I believe it was. Will I ever support NYX again? FUCK NO.

What do you think? Was it a scam? Is the NYX company a piece of shit?

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  1. tg

    I have heard from a youtube review that their nail polish was good, but I do not think I will support them even by purchasing their brand in a beauty store. I’m actually mad for anyone who got caught up in that fiasco and
    I kinda wish that the company burns for it.

    • I was happy with many of their products, I’ve been using them for years. After this though, no way. Never again. I hope the entire company burns. Next year they can have a going out of business sale instead of a 12 year anniversary sale.

  2. Melissa

    I was a victim of this horrid scam too.. and on Monday I politely called the company and they hang up the phone!!!… will never buy they f***ing products!!!

    • I called them multiple times, each time I was told a different story. I made more productive calls afterwards though, I’ve now called the BBB and Rip Off Report.

  3. gigi

    I was not a Customer due to having placed NYX on a ban from an issue stemming with their association with scammer Kandee Johnson… however I did witness a lot of frustration and major A N G E R from people who didi try to shop the anniversary sale. NYX – I do not know how you stay in business.

    • I am certainly no fan of KJ either, when they refused to take down the interview involving her I was upset, but not nearly as upset as I am now. I will never deal with this company again.

  4. Tyler

    NYX Cosmetics website was targeted by skids (script kiddies). They laughed as everyone complained on NYX’s facebook wall.

    Just F.Y.I.

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