April Showers Bring…FlowerbyKenzo

May 2, 2011 by

This year I am not waiting for mother nature to bring on the flowers, I’ve got my own. It’s FlowerbyKenzo, my favorite spring fragrance. The scent is classified as an oriental floral, which means it’s not too flowery and not too spicy, it’s just right. Even Goldilocks herself would be obsessed.

Generally when I think of floral fragrances I think of the quintessential grandma smell. This is nothing like that. The main notes are: Wild Hawthorne, Bulgarian Rose, Parma Violet, White Musk, Vanilla. Generally any perfume including Vanilla has a sugary, sweet, cupcake smell. Barf. Luckily when blended with the musk, this vanilla is more of the powdery, feminine, soft, and sophisticated type.

The scent is fresh and clean, its perfect for the long spring days. It’s impossible not to smile while wearing this, the scent is just so refreshing. Considering how long it lasts, you’re sure to be smiling all day long.

Perfumes need to do more than just smell good in my book, they need to look good. I love a visually interesting bottle to sit on my vanity. This bottle does not disappoint, it is packaged in a poppy embossed bottle that’s trendy, unique, and modern. Ah-mazing!

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