The Name Game

Apr 11, 2011 by

Parents spend months deciding on what they should name their child, with good reason. The name that is chosen is the one that they are stuck with for life. You would think that companies planning the launch of new products would spend the same amount of time trying to decide on the perfect name. However that’s definitely not always the case. The following list of product names takes the name game to a new level.

1. Bliss Fat Girl Scrub

Gee, thanks Bliss! I just can’t bring myself to use a scrub that insults me as as soon s I pick it up.

2. Hard Candy Eyeliner in Trailer Trash

Now I have an eyeliner to wear while I listen to “Redneck Woman.”

3. Mattesse Elite Nail Polish in Dirty Slut

Can’t a girl catch a break? I don’t need my nail polish judging me too! Jeez.

4. Urban Decay Eye Liner in Yeyo

Last time I checked, “yeyo” meant cocaine, that certainly explains my Urban Decay addiction.

5. Urban Decay Eye Shadows in Roach and Blunt

What is it with Urban Decay and naming their products after drugs? I’m looking forward to their new line featuring Doobie and Rophie.

6. The Balm Lip Gloss in Bing My Cherry

Who needs come hither eyes when you can have a come hither pout?

7. Too Faced Eye Shadow in Oompa Loompa

Snookie is a huge fan of this particular shade duo.

8. Funeral Home Perfume by Demeter

I hear people are dying to try it.

9. Deep Throat Blush by Nars

Britney Spears’ make-up artist, says its her signature color!

10. Bleach Black Nail Polish in Jizz

It’s the perfect shade for brides everywhere.

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  1. Jamie

    HILARIOUS! I love the Jizz nail polish!! I bought it!

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