The Sticky Factor

Mar 15, 2011 by

The Sticky Factor

I’ve  just left Chicago, I loved the city. There is however one thing that I wasn’t a fan of though, the wind. They do not call this city the “Windy City” for no reason. I’m sure Einstein has some unpublished theory about how long locks and perfectly glossed lips will somehow find a way to make contact with each other, what he didn’t know though was that Chanel was working on the answer.

As a make-up junkie of course I brought way more make-up and specifically lip gloss with me, so I made it my mission to test out all the ones that I brought to see which one beat “The Sticky Factor”. After several days of removing strands of hair that stuck to my lips, I finally found one that was not sticky and somehow managed to not make contact with my hair! It was like a lip gloss forcefield, how awesome is that? 

Chanel Levres  Scintllantes Glossimer is a  rare formulation that manages to maintain a glossy look without including the dreaded stickiness. The colors go on sheer, have impressive staying power, and leave a bit of a stain on the lips even after they’re gone.

My pick for spring is, Nakkar, a beautiful bright coral color. It’s one of the top colors for the season, and makes your pout look extra full and glossy. The color packs enough of a punch that you’ll only need one quick coat, but it’s still sheer enough for daytime, this is especially flattering because it helps bring out the natural color of your lips. Nakkar is part of the new Chanel spring collection, which is absolutely gorgeous and worthy of checking out!



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