The “B” Word

Mar 3, 2011 by

You’ve all heard it.

Blackheads — the dark spots that pop up around the chin and nose caused by excess sebum and dead skin cells that get trapped in the pore. If you’ve ever experienced blackheads you know how hard it is to get them out, when exfoliating alone won’t do, you literally have to dig them out. Gross.

Just thinking about them takes me back to when I was in school and on the clinic floor. We used to have to practice doing extractions on each other, it was terrible. We would have to use an extractor (death stick), which is a 2 sided metal device that gets pushed around the pore to empty it. Doesn’t that sound painful? I assure you, it is. 

BUT WAIT! There’s a better way! Let me introduce you to my hero, Dr. Brandt.  He is a celebrity dermatologist and absolutely brilliant. It gets better though, he has a skin care line available to the public! Ah-mazing, I know. Dr. Brandt in a bottle, anyone?  My favorite product is from the Pores No More line, its called the Vacuum Cleaner. Who wouldn’t want to take a vacuum to their face to remove their blackheads? Okay, okay that is a bit extreme. I’d rather just put a layer of this over my skin too.This cleanser is a blackhead busting super hero, it contains AHA’s, BHA’s, and silicone dioxide to provide maximum blackhead busting results in under 10 minutes. I love love love this. It even helps with the deepest of blackheads, you may still need an extraction tool, but this makes it so much easier to get them out, minimal pushing required.

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