Red Carpet, Red Lips

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Red lips have been a staple on the red carpet since the beginnings of Hollywood, its beautiful, bold, and glamorous. The look of red lips is a classic staple seen season after season. It’s something that anyone can wear regardless of your complexion, which is why we see it on so many different celebrities. The way to rock this trend is to find the right shade of red for you as well as the right product.

Whether you are going for a vintage glam look or an ultra modern one, red lips are a staple in every womans beauty vernacular. If you are new to the red lip trend chances are you will want to start out with a gloss, and for the ladies who are more seasoned red lip wearers, it might be time for you to try a new shade.

The trick to red lips is to make sure that you are matching your undertones, if you have warm undertones look for a red with the same undertones in it, if you have cooler undertones the lipstick should also have cool undertones. How to tell what type of undertone you have? Look at your wrists in natural light, if the most prominent veins are blue you have cool undertones, if they are green you have warm undertones.

Light Skin Tones need to look for a red with blue undertones, it will typically look like a dark pink.

Medium/Olive skin tones should look for a true red, this will be bright and vibrant, like a fire truck.

Dark skin tones should look for a red with brown or orange undertones, or a crimson red.

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    Everyone agrees, but I actually like watching awards ceremonies. The BAFTAs is one of the few that they in the UK get to watch without staying up till ridiculous o’clock, so I whiled away an enjoyable hour or so last night absorbing the glamour (in my pyjamas with some hot chocolate)

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