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…lips that is

I have come to the conclusion that whomever came up with the term “nude lip” must have been on something.

The “nude lip” has been around for years, but seriously? A “nude lip” – or the white out look that has covered lips all over the runways and occasionally the catwalks on the street is all the rage, but really? How do you get nude from that? Last time I checked lips were pink.

It’s understandable that you don’t want your lip look to clash with the trendy eye look that you are dying to rock, so you do need to find something neutral, not necessarily nude.¬†Perhaps a gloss? Even a gloss which typically has a sheer consistency can start to look either too brown, muddy, like day old coffee, or even worse like a corpse. You get the point. This is an especially big issue if you have any pink undertones in your skin, with pink undertones you have to be careful about the undertones in the gloss, it can clash with your skin.

After countless tubes tested, purchased, thrown out, and destined to sit at the bottom of my train case , I think I’ve finally found one I like.¬†Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump & Shine in Toffee Boost ($18). Calling this lip gloss nude isn’t quite right, its really more of a neutral color. (It has pink undertones, so it fits my idea of a nude lip.) The coverage this offers is sheer enough that it gives you a bit of color without looking ridiculous on the skin. This is also a smart lip gloss, it contains peptides which help to keep the lips pouty and youthful looking. This shiny gloss is sure to be a staple in my kit for years to come.

Wear it when you want to put the emphasis on your eyes without totally erasing your lips. It looks best when paired with bright eye colors like purple and blue, or when you’re doing the I-don’t- need-to-wear-make-up-I’m-naturally-beautiful look.

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  1. Holly

    Mac High Tea Lustre Lipstick is a really good and creamy nude! I highly recommend it!

  2. Holly

    Mac High Tea Lustre Lipstick is a really good and creamy nude! I highly recommend it!


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