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If you want to look like you have a make-up artist stashed away in your bathroom, you need to have a set of make-up brushes. To get a professional looking application they are essential, its the difference between years of great makeup applications—and years of mediocre ones. I truly believe that investing in a good set of brushes is worth it. When properly cared for brushes can last DECADES. I’ve had all of mine for years, and they still look like new.

You can find brushes just about anywhere from your local craft store to Sephora and everywhere in between. No matter what your budget is, there are awesome brushes just waiting for you. As a professional make-up artist I have hundreds of brushes, but there are a few that I use daily, the ones I couldn’t possibly live without.

The most important brush in my regimen is a stippling brush, my favorite is from Target, its made by Sonia Kashuk. I have recommended this brush to clients and peers

alike. It has completely revolutionized my make-up regimen. This brush is a large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of liquid products. It’s used to create thin layers of product, or mesh different textures. It’s perfect for foundation. To use this you dab the brush into your foundation, pat the foundation in spots all over the face, and blend from there. It is impossible to mess up an application with this brush. I know you will love it just as much as I do!

The next brush in your beauty arsenal should be a general powder brush, you will want to look for something fluffy, with a rounded top shape. I like to se one that is made of a natural hair over a synthetic one. I always find myself going for “The Professional Complexion Brush” from Sephora. It has a great feel to it, and its the perfect size. This is such a versatile brush, when in a pinch it can be used not only for powder, but blush, bronzers, and highlighters.

Following a powder application, you would put on your blush and bronzer. I have searched for the best brush to use for both applications, and have finally found one that I am in love with. It’s an angled blush brush. My favorite is again from Sephora. for bronzing this fits perfectly in the hollows of your cheekbones, and when used on the apples of the cheeks its perfect for adding a not so innocent flush.

You have your foundation, powder, and bronzer, and blush brush, the next feature to work on is your eyes of course! If I had to choose just one brush to use on my eyes it would be the “Blending Eye Brush” from Sephora. I LOVE THIS. It is the most foolproof eyeshadow brush I have ever used. The tapered shape allows you to get in the crease, blend colors, and apply effortlessly.

Lastly, look for a brush to groom your brows with, I love my brow comb from Sephora. Your brows frame your face, they shouldn’t be disregarded. My favorites are the ones with both a comb and a bristled brush on the end. They are usually fairly cheap and widely distributed.

These are just the basic’s ladies, more brushes, drugstore brush finds, and even paintbrushes that make excellent make-up brushes are coming soon!


  1. Rachel Triebull

    I love the stippling brush. Jessica turned me onto it a few months ago, and I’ve used it for every makeup application since. I’m able to use less product with greater coverage whith the stippling brush. It is truly a great tool in one’s makeup kit.

    • Katie

      This is an awesome brush!!! It’s impossible to mess up putting on foundation! & it gives great coverage in a little time spent!!!!

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