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Sexy, sultry, beautiful eyes are what every woman wants, right? Follow these tips and you’ll be batting those babies all night long. Enjoy!

To make an eyelash curler work even better, use your hairdryer to heat it up before you curl  your lashes. The heat will make the curl last longer.

When using an eyelash curler, squeeze twice: once close to the lid and the next a little further toward the tip to give a longer lasting, more natural looking curl.

To keep the little black dots from appearing on your eyelids after you apply mascara, use a spoon as a “mascara guard.”

To thicken the lashes, always apply two coats if primer. Let it dry between the  coats for maximum effect.

For the maximum deposit of mascara, “wiggle” the brush from root to tip during the application or apply from side-to-side rather than up and out.

To open and “lift” the eye, apply mascara to the top lashes only, and a little extra on the outside corners, for added effect.

For a light and natural coating of mascara, gently swipe the mascara wand over a tissue to remove the excess.

To help make the eye appear rounder, focus mascara application on the center lashes both top and bottom.

To elongate the eye, focus mascara application on the outer corners of the eye. Be sure to get the little lashes that tend to hide in the outer corner. To separate the lashes and assist in achieving a soft, “feathery,” appearance, brush through the lashes with a clean mascara brush while still wet.

For the appearance of thicker, richer lashes try a technique called “backing the lashes.” Line the eye from under the top lashes with an eyeliner brush dipped into a wet shadow or gel liner.

Experiment with layering formulas to achieve a desired effect. Try a fiber based mascara over a lengthening tubing one for thick, rich lash without the “Spider” effect.

For quick eye lining, run the tips of a small angled brush along the mascara wand and apply when needed.

Try color on lashes. Navy blue mascara is great for brightening the eye without looking like major color. Violet mascara adds interest and enhances the appearance of green eyes. Also, brown mascara is always a good choice for someone with fair skin.

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