The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Skin Care

Feb 19, 2011 by

Following a skincare regimen is the easiest way to care for your skin, it can help protect and defend the skin against the early signs of aging, and promote a radiant looking complexion.

Cleanse: Cleansing will remover makeup, dirt, impurities and pollutants. You should cleanse every morning and night to keep the skin looking clear and youthful.

Exfoliate: Exfoliating will remove dead surface cells which dull the skin. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week, in the evening. For an extreme exfoliation, look for something with both both a chemical exfoliator and a gritty mechanical exfoliator in one.

Tone: Toning refines pores and adjusts the pH of the skin. Use your toner every day after you cleanse and after mask if it’s a mask day. Toner will also help remove any stray makeup and dirt the cleanser may have missed.

*Facial Mask: This is something you may want to do between facials, choose a facial mask that is going to have the most benefit for you.

Moisturizer/Eye Creme: Moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated, soft and younger looking. Use moisturizer every morning and night. Now for you oily people who are thinking, “I don’t need a moisturizer!” You are wrong. Everyone needs a moisturizer! In fact the reason you are oily is because your skin is lacking moisture. It is trying to overcompensate for you not giving it moisture. Look for an oil-free, water based moisturizer that will help control oil.

Protect: Sunscreen! This is one of the most important steps in a skin care regimen, and should be applied every morning. Everyone needs sunscreen to protect their skin from damaging UV rays from the sun and sunburn. Using sunscreen products decreases the chances for sunburn and can prevent skin cancer or malignant melanoma.

5 steps.

5 minutes.

Twice a day.

It is that easy.

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