Beauty, its more than skin deep.

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Gone are those days of basking in the sun for hours with tanning oils. Say what? Yep, it’s true. The media defines beauty these days, trends come and go, one trend that is here to stay though is the look of bronzed skin. A tan may look beautiful and healthy, but as it turns out its actually DAMAGING. If only I could get the countless hours I have spent outside tanning and the money I spent paying for the tanning beds that claim not to burn. Not to mention all of the awful burns I got when I was younger. If only I knew then what I know now, isn’t it great that we now have self tanners?

Thankfully, times have changed, now, I’m a Licensed Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist).My goal is to take the best care of my skin that I can, and encourage my clients to do the same. Unfortunately, my days of basking in the sun have already produced significant damage, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make a change in my skin now and help you make a change in yours, which is my main goal for this blog. It’s ever too late to care for yourself and  see healthy skin as the result.

The path to beautiful skin is an easy one to follow, here are the beginning steps.

1. HAVE A SKINCARE REGIMEN: Have a skincare routine that you follow daily, using quality products that are recommended for your special skin care needs is key to maintaining healthy looking skin. Skin care is 80% home care, and 20% dermatologist or spa care. I recommend starting with the basics; cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturizing. Eventually you can build on that regimen to include more advanced products. Just getting the basics in order is key.

2. GET REGULAR FACIALS: Get a professional facial, you deserve it. The one question I get asked most often is, “How often should I get a facial”. Every skin type is different, some people like to get facials on a weekly basis, others monthly, and so on. At a minimum I recommend getting one at least with each changing season, meaning 4 times a year. your skin goes through many changes during the course of a year, so its good to keep it in check. The more attention you pay to your skin, the healthier and better looking it will be. Everything points back to having a skin care regimen, you need to be able to take care of your skin between visits, this means investing in products to prolong the benefits of the facial.

3. FIND AN ESTHETICIAN AND A DERMATOLOGIST: These are the two people that are going to have the best advice for you and your skin. They are also going to be able to properly treat it. Look for a dermatologist who is using the most advanced skin practices, you might have to do some shopping to find someone that you mesh with well. As for as esthetician, ask your friend, you know the one with the perfect looking skin? See who she goes sees.

4. PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN: I cannot stress enough the importance of wearing a sunscreen daily. It is your biggest defense against fighting the onslaught of wrinkles and the general aging process. The sun is essentially your skins enemy, you need to do everything in your power to protect it.

5. GET SOME SLEEP: When you are sleeping the skin is able to repair itself, it the one time when it is able to go into overdrive and get everything done. While you are sleeping your body temperature increases, this is why it is also important to have a skin care regimen that you follow  in the evening.

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